Pictures of different Mosques

The purpose of visiting Mosques of different denominations was two fold; to learn about other traditions, and to practice Islamic wisdom of respecting the otherness of others.

One of my friends, a Shia Imami Ismaili Muslim leader, a major Muslim leader went to a Mosque in Austin, Texas – he prayed per the tradition he is familiar with, and that is dropping the hands on the side instead of folding together in the Qiyam position ( that is standing upright). The  Imam of the mosque could not figure out why someone could pray little differently, and actually told him not to pray like that in his Mosque. What a shame, where did this man get his Imam training? If he knows Islam, he would know the uniqueness of each tradition. God endlessly advises in Quran – the best ones among you are those who learn about each other, and when we do, conflicts fade and solutions emerge.


  1. Al-Aqsa Mosque
  2. Colleyville Masjid
  3. Bohra Masjid – Anjuman-e- Najmi, Irving
  4. Valley Ranch Masjid, Irving
  5. Sikh Temple – Garland
  6. Shia Masjid – Momin Center – Irving
  7. Ahmadiyya Masjid Baitul-Ikram, Allen
  8. Masjid Al-Islam, Desoto
  9. Texas biggest Mosque in Irving
  10. Dallas Family Church
  11. Masjid Yaseen, Garland
  12. Noori Masjid, Plano
  13. Imam Barga-e- Hujjat, Carrollton
  14. Richardson Mosque, Richardson
  15. Plano Masjid
  16. Madinah Masjid, Carrollton
  17. Masjid Al Quran, Dallas
  18. Carrollton Masjid
  19. Suhoor at Imam Bukhari’s house + Manuscripts

If you go to the search box and plug in Shia, Ahmadiyya, Bohra and other traditions, you’ll find articles about how each traditions prays, every one is slightly different.

I broke the fast at Al-Aqsa Mosque as well, and went to the Fajr prayers after suhoor at Imam Bukhari’s home and saw the original manuscripts.

To be a Muslim is to be free from prejudices, bias and ill-will towards others, that is the Jihad Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) talked about, to fight off the temptations to look down on others or look down at yourselves.

For three years in a row, I went to every Masjid in Dallas for Iftaar.  Then in July 2013, I woke up for Sahri, wrote the article for the first Iftaar in Richardson Mosque, then started sweating hard, cold sweat… and of course, I called 9/11 and they took me to the hospital and placed two stents,  the Doctor man said if I was late by 5 minutes, I would have been gone with 92% blockage.

Mike Ghouse

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