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RAMADAN MUBARAK – Insha’Allah, the first fast day of Ramadan will begin on Wednesday, May 16, 2018, in the United States and Canada and the Americas.  All the articles on Ramadan can be views by clicking the Tab Ramadan News. 

We should always wish that Ramadan starts on the same day the world over, but let’s accept different practices, each group rejoices in looking for the pencil-thin moon on the horizon, not knowing when, it is a joy to some,  knowing a year in advance is a joy to someone else. Let all formats run concurrently. The world is too big not to have differences, besides no matter where you celebrate there are enough people to meet and celebrate.  Full story at “Politics of Ramadan” in the section most read articles on your right on his site.

Everything you always wanted to know about Ramadan and more is all at this site. Its spirituality, politics, culture, rituals and how it is celebrated across the world. Browse through hundreds of picture and Ramadan videos.   I urge fellow Muslims to make a conscious effort to have an open mind and visit different mosques for Iftaar; from Ahmadiyya, Bohra, Ismaili, Nation of Islam, Shia, Sunni, Sufi, Wahhabi and all the traditions out there, Alhamdu Lillah, I have visited and chronicled my visits at this website.

Please make a commitment to become a pious one during this Ramadan. Kindly remember piety is not necessarily observing 30 days of fasting and praying all day long,  and doing all the needed rituals.  Piety is becoming God conscious, that is allowing God to be with you.  Is God prejudiced? Does God make a special deal with Muslim behind the back of Hindus or Jews? Does God treat a White man any different than a Black man? Does God treat a Muslim better than a non-Muslim?  God is about Justice, mercy, fairness, kindness and caring. To achieve piety, you have to be like him.  To be a Muslim is to be a conflict mitigater and a goodwill nurturer.

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Mike Ghouse


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In the Browse section on your right, you can see pictures of how Muslims around the world celebrate Ramadan, break the fast and what they do on Eid.  In the same section, there are videos of Muslims talking about Ramadan from Australia to Zimbabwe and every nation in between. Don’t miss the images of some of the most beautiful mosques around the world.

If you go to the “Most Read Articles” on the right column, you will learn about the essence, spirit, politics, traditions, and rituals of Ramadan.

In the tab “What’s Ramadan” you’ll find basic facts and information about Ramadan. The most important item you’ll find is a suggestion to visit different Mosques for Iftaar if you have more than one Mosque in your town. Alhamdu Lillah, Praise the lord; I have visited almost all denominational mosques except the Alawite place of worship.

We have to learn about our own fellow Muslims who practice a different tradition. Please be respectful of their customs,  as each place of worship has a little different practice. Whether it is Ahmadiyya, Alawite, Bohra, Ismaili, Nation of Islam, Shia, Sufi, Sunni, Wahhabis, WD Muhammad or other tradition, they fast dawn to dusk, praise the lord, and they bow and recite God’s name. Remember, God has chosen to make us into different tribes, communities, religions, and nations, and the best ones among us are those who respect the otherness of others and when we do, conflicts fade and solutions emerge to live in peace and harmony.

In the search box, you can place “Ramadan day 1, 2 or 29 “ and out pops the article for that day, or – you can even type in Shia, Ahmadiyya, Bohra, Sufi and other words to get information about their practices. You can also visit the Photo Albums and check out Iftaar at different mosques.

Ramadan News is a part of www.WorldMuslimCongress.com and all the related websites are listed in the tab “Muslim Things”

To be a Muslim is to be a peace maker, one who constantly seeks to mitigate conflicts and nurtures goodwill for peaceful co-existence of humanity. God wants us to live in peace and harmony with his creation; Life and Matter.

We are driven by the Qur’an, Al-Hujurat, Surah 49:13: “O mankind! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. The noblest of you, in sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Allah Knows and is Aware.”

I appeal to you to believe in freedom of speech and freedom of faith, there shall not be any compulsion implied or expressed. For example, please don’t embarrass a fellow Muslim by asking if he or she is fasting, unless it is necessary or you are serving food. Let them chose to fast or not, that is between God and the individual, and if they don’t, let’s not even allow ourselves to judge others and their faith. After all, on the Day of Judgment we are not responsible for their deeds nor should we violate the idea contained in the verse “Malik-i-yom-iddin”. God alone is the Master of the Day of Judgment.

May you become pure and pious from the scent of Ramadan, may God free you from prejudice, bias, hate, ill-will, and may you care for fellow beings regardless of their religion, race or region. Amen!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to work for a world of co-existence through inclusiveness and participation. As a member of the diverse family of faiths, our efforts will be directed towards justice and equity to attain peace for the humankind with a firm grounding in commonly held values. We cannot have advantages at the cost of others. Such benefits are temporary and deleterious to lasting peace. We believe what is good for Muslims has got to be good for the world, and vice versa, to sustain it.

Indeed we aspire to promote goodwill amongst people of different affiliations, regardless of their faith, gender, race, nationality, culture or any other uniqueness blessed by the creator.

NOTE: If you have a good article on Ramadan from a civic and a pluralistic point of view, and not loaded with religiosity, please send it to MuslimVision2020@gmail.com we will be happy to consider publishing it, it will be reviewed by a three member team.


Mike Ghouse

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